We have now created a new invoicing procedure that allows you to create invoices through IBIS and then directly import them to your accounts package. This batch is currently set up for Xero, MYOB and SAP but if you use another accounting option please talk to us and we can configure this for you. The batch invoice process is directly linked to the Trial Balance


Set up invoice groups for batch invoices

Invoice groups allow you to generate your invoices in batches. If you are generating invoice batches using IBIS Online, you must have invoice groups set up. Examples of standard invoice groups would be monthly, weekly or one-off but you can decide what makes the most sense to you.

  1. Open the Accounts screen under the Accounts & Contacts menu.
  2. Add your new group by typing it into the Invoice group field.
  3. Once your group is added, you can use the autofill function to update other rows.
  4. Save your changes.


Generate an invoice batch for debtors, creditors and referral agents

Please note that invoices or credit notes will be generated from this screen depending on the balance of the account. 

What's changed? Referral commission and charge-to-account at point of sale transactions are now included in this screen. The 'Generate agent invoice/remittance' screen will be decommissioned in the coming months, you are still able to use the Generate invoice or credit note screen in IBIS Online too. 
  1. Open the Manage Invoices (previously 'Manage debtors', or 'Generate agent remittance/invoice') screen under the Accounts & Contacts menu.  
  2. On the Generate invoices tab, specify the invoice date in the Select until field. 
  3. Toggle between debtors/creditors as required.
  4. Tick the Include forward checkbox to display future bookings that you need to invoice in advance.
  5. Click Refresh to review all pending invoice records with a travel date on or before the selected date. 
    • The Show Detail box displays the price option summary.
    • Use the text search field to filter results if you are looking for a specific account or booking.
    • You can add an invoice note - This note can only be viewed on the Invoice List screen. It is applied to all invoices in the batch and does not print on the selected invoices.
  6. Use the tick boxes on the left-hand side to select the invoices you would like to create in your invoice batch.
  7. The Due date will default to the 20th of the month following the current date. Adjust this if required.
  8. When you are ready, select Generate invoice, then select Yes to confirm and a new invoice batch will be created.

View a debtor, creditor or referral invoice

  1. Open the Manage invoices (previously called Manage debtors) screen, then select the Manage tab.
  2. Select the month your invoice batch was generated in.
  3. Invoices will be grouped by Batch ID. Click the arrow to the left of the Batch to view the individual invoices.
  4. If you are looking for a specific invoice, account, or batch id, use the Search function to filter results.  
  5. Click on the invoice to preview the results.

If you import invoices generated in IBIS to your own Finance system (e.g. Xero), then we DO NOT recommend you use the print/send email functions in IBIS.  

Generate an invoice or credit note batch in IBIS Online

This process generates a batch file containing invoices for all pending reservation records that have been posted to account up to the specified date.  

Please note you cannot preview or select individual bookings to include in a batch file - all pending records will be generated. 

  1. Open the Generate invoices or credit notes screen found under the Contacts & Accounts > Accounts menu in IBIS Online.
  2. The value of un-invoiced debtors and the date of the oldest debtors is shown at the top of the screen.
  3. All pending invoice records up to the end of the selected date will be included.

    If you run this process partway through the current day, it will generate invoices for records posted at the time of running the process.

  4. Set the due date to be shown on the invoice and the Invoice Group you want to invoice in this batch.
  5. Add a note if desired. This can only be viewed in the Invoice List screen and is applied to all invoices in the batch. It will not be exported to your finance system.
  6. Click the Generate invoices button to create a batch file containing all debtor invoices in the group selected, then click Generate credit notes to repeat the process for any pending creditors.
  7. Once the invoice batch is generated, you will be redirected to the Export invoice batch screen where you can review the invoices in the batch.

Export batch files to your finance system

Once your invoice batch is created, you can generate a .csv file to import into your accounting system. We recommend you do this immediately after generating the batch file.

  1. From the Export invoice batch screen, ensure the correct batch ID is selected.
  2. Select your Download/export format from the droplist - choose from Xero, SAP, MYOB and Netsuite.
  3. Click Download to generate the .csv file.
  4. You can now import the file into your finance systems using their standard import process. 
  5. Once imported, you will be able to send your invoices from your own finance system.

Send/print invoices (optional)

Most customers will want to send invoices from their standard accounting software so they can easily manage all their invoices in one place. If desired, you can email invoices from IBIS. If you would like to use this option please ensure you have an invoice email template configured for this purpose.

Email or print invoices from the IBIS Application

  1. Open the Manage Invoices screen under the Accounts & Contacts menu.  
  2. From the Manage tab, select the invoice or batch you wish to email or print. 
  3. Select Send email for invoice or batch or print invoice depending on your preference.

    IBIS will attach all invoices across multiple accounts to a single email provided the email address associated with those accounts is the same.

Email invoices from IBIS Online

  1. From the Export invoice batch screen in IBIS Online under the Accounts & Contacts > Accounts menu.
  2. Enter the Invoice id or Batch id, then click Refresh.
  3. Under resend emails, select Yes
  4. Click the Email button.

Download an invoice batch file at a later date

If you need to download a batch file for a batch generated on a different day, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to IBIS Online > Contacts & Accounts > Accounts > Invoice list
  2. Select the invoice date (i.e. the end date you selected when generating the batch). All invoices matching the selected date will appear.
  3. Find an invoice in the desired batch, then click on the Batch number hyperlink to re-open the Export invoice batch, then download the file.

Changing bookings/tickets after they have been invoiced

If you make changes to reservations after they have been invoiced, credit lines will be generated in the ledger. These credits will come through the invoicing process with two key differences from debit invoices:

  1. The credits are processed individually so you can apply the credit note to the appropriate invoice.
  2. The invoice number format is IBIScn-xxxx