For customers using the admission module without a gate, you can manually scan tickets to validate.  When a ticket is scanned, the system checks the usage rules to ensure it is valid at the specific location and that it has not been fully utilised already, then provides the user with a visual clue as to whether the scan is successful or not.


Validate admission tickets at the time of sale

If you wish to validate admission tickets at the time of sale you can enable a prompt for your frontline team to validate the tickets as soon as the transaction is complete. This is a useful setting if your venue does not have a two-stage purchase/validation process as it will automatically 'scan' the ticket for you. 

To enable the setting:

  1. Under the System menu, open the Machine Settings screen and scroll to the Point of Sale section.
  2. Find the Prompt to process vouchers on sale setting and set it to true, then click Save.
  3. When this setting is enabled, the user will be prompted with "Are the people entering the venue?" after the purchase of admission ticket items at Point of sale.
  4. Users can click Yes to validate the ticket immediately, or No if the customer will be entering the venue at a later time.

Validate admission vouchers at time of sale

Validate multiple tickets at the same time

You can validate all tickets purchased in a single Point of sale transaction at the same time. This can be useful if a customer presents their receipt to the front desk instead of their ticket(s) or you have a group entering the venue together and just want to redeem all the tickets at once to save time. 

  1. Click on the Redeem admission tickets button in the Point of sale screen. See how to add a button to your POS menu in our related article about customising the Point of sale screen.
  2. Enter in the Sale ID - you can scan the barcode on the bottom of the thermal receipt or for A4 admission tickets, scan or enter the id starting with "/TS=".

  3. Check the tickets you're about to redeem and click Scan now. You do not have the option to only redeem some of the tickets on the sale - it's all or nothing!

  4. You will then see a feedback message to say if the scan was successful. If one or more tickets have already been validated or are not valid at this location or are expired, this will be displayed in the results.


Validate a ticket manually

If a customer cannot scan their ticket or multi-trip card for some reason, you can do a manual scan. This essentially is exactly the same as scanning the ticket at the gate and will record gate usage.

  1. From Point of Sale, click Voucher lookup
  2. Scan the card/ticket or enter the following into the scan field if the ticket or card is not present: pti=card/ticket number
  3. Check the ticket is valid and/or has trips remaining if a multi-trip
  4. Select Manual scan button to decrement the usage by one trip
  5. View results in pop-up

Voucher Lookup Process