Logos and background images

The IBIS E-commerce website can be customised to suit your branding. The basic website layout requires some default images which you will need to supply IBIS in order to complete the initial setup:

  • Logo - recommended dimensions are at least 400px wide in .png or .jpg format. We recommend you provide the logo on a white or transparent background.
  • Background image - this is optional, but if you want a background image, the recommended dimensions are at least 2000 px wide (height doesn't matter), and it must be relatively high resolution.
  • Favicon - this is optional, but if you want to display a favicon on the browser tab, the recommended dimensions are 256 x 256 px in .png or .jpg format.

Uploading images for your products

Displaying images for the products you sell on your IBIS E-Commerce website is simple and easy. Your E-Commerce website can display images for the following item types:

  • Home page groupings - reservations, retail, events, gift vouchers, etc.
  • Product groups for reservations
  • Retail groups for retail, gift vouchers, events and admission items
  • Retail items - stock items
  • Gift voucher items

Image specifications

  • Recommended image size is 700 x 525px - this is the display size of the images in the slideshow 
  • The max image size is 1400px for optimum display (images larger than this will be resized automatically)
  • For retail items, the full-sized image will be resized to a thumbnail size automatically
  • Format should be .jpg or .png 

Using the image manager

Items that are configured to show online can be viewed in the IBIS image manager so you can upload a corresponding image to it. You cannot add images to products before they are online. 

We are working through the process of migrating customers over to the new image manager system. If you have not been migrated yet, please follow these instructions for uploading images in our Wordpress plugin.
  1. Open the Image Manager from the System menu in the IBIS application.
  2. Find the item you wish to upload an image for. You can filter the description field to narrow search results.
  3. Highlight the item, then at the top of the screen, select from the following options: 
    • Capture - launches the camera on your device to take a picture
    • Load - opens File Explorer so you can search for an image on your device
    • Paste - paste an image that you have just copied.
  4. If your image needs work or is not correct, you can make the following changes: 
    • Edit - click the edit button to access the crop, rotate and recolour options
    • Delete - right-click on the image to cut or delete it and start over.
  5. Save your changes once you are happy with the results. If you are updating many images, you can enable the auto-save function at the bottom of the screen to save clicks.
  6. To push the changes to your E-Commerce website, click the Update website link at the bottom of the screen. This will redirect you to your E-commerce website where you can see the results of your changes.