Are you eager to expand your IBIS E-Commerce site's horizons and connect with a global audience? We've got fantastic news! You have two brilliant choices to make it happen, and we're here to guide you on which one fits you best.

Translation is only available to customers running the latest vesrion of our E-Commerce site. 

Weglot auto translate

Why you want it:
Weglot is your passport to instant website translation. What sets it apart? You're not just bound by machine translations – you have the freedom to fine-tune the content, ensuring it's not only accurate but also reads naturally. Plus, Weglot works its magic for Simplified and Traditional Chinese within mainland China, a feature you won't find with Google Translate where it's not supported.

Weglot also has a significant SEO advantage over Google Translate. For example, when you activate the Chinese language via subdomain implementation, your translated website will be visible in search engine results when users search in that language. This advantage extends to the iframe implementation as well, where having Weglot enabled on your parent site ensures that customers automatically view the appropriate language. 

While Weglot is a paid service, it offers the Starter plan, perfect if you're sticking to a single language. Keep in mind, that the 2000-word limit on the free account might leave you wanting more if you're aiming to conquer multiple languages. Weglot pricing is also in US dollars ($).

How to get it:
Getting started is a breeze! Visit Weglot's website, pick the plan that suits your needs, and complete the sign-up process. Once you're on board, head over to the settings section of Weglot and make sure you register dynamic elements, then share your Weglot API key with us. We'll seamlessly integrate it into your E-Commerce pages.

Our in-house web developer is also available to guide you through the implementation of Weglot. Additional subdomains will be required for each language. In the event you encounter difficulties setting this up internally, access to your domain console might be necessary by our team. Please allow 3 to 4 hours of chargeable configuration time for this service.

Coming soon! Weglot is our choice for translating your IBIS Check-in website. Stay tuned.

Google Translate

Why It's Great:
If you're all about cost-effectiveness, Google Translate is your trusty sidekick. It's a free solution without any recurring monthly payments.

Things to Keep in Mind:
While Google Translate offers tremendous reach, it comes with certain limitations. You won't have the flexibility to customize the language dropdown or fine-tune translations as precisely as Weglot. Plus, it's worth noting that Google Translate isn't accessible in China, an important market for many of our customers.

If you have Google Translate for iframe, you may want to adjust the location of the language selector droplist in which case, additional configuration fees will apply.    

How to get it: 
Please contact us to enable Google Translate on your site.

The choice is yours. Weglot's precision and adaptability or Google Translate's vast language options – both are here to help you make your website more accessible and welcoming to a global audience. We're ready to assist you in taking your IBIS E-Commerce site to the next level